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Technology will advance. Systems will come and go. And yet, one truth will remain – the need for people to connect is deeply a part of human existence. People need to communicate. Ideas must be conveyed between us. To succeed in business or any endeavor we must act. To act we must be motivated. To be motivated we must be persuaded. And in order to persuade we must be able to communicate either by the written word or by speech.

The essence of leadership is the ability to communicate. This guide reveals the simple truth to making presentations and successful public speaking. While the truth may be simple, the execution requires an artist’s touch.

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For the Dreamers – The same questions we ask today have been asked throughout the ages. The truths revealed over time, are as true today as they were when first recorded. The wisdom of the past provides us the opportunity to look at our lives today as we work, live, love and perchance to dream.

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Essays on the Proper Path – A series of essays pondering the meaning of life, suffering, honesty, good and evil; and other perhaps unanswerable questions. These chapters were born from the depths of failure.

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